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SnackSized Tutorial 01 – Seamless Prop Workflow

SnackSized Tutorial 01 - Seamless Prop Workflow SnackSized SnackSized,Seamless,Prop Workflow

This is the first in a series of mini “SnackSized” tutorials I’ll be putting out to answer some questions I’ve gotten on my streams and to put out some small things I do from time to time that I feel helps me out quality wise. I’m a big believer in the fact that in any given group of artists each person knows something or does something regularly that some other artist in the group desperately would like to know but doesn’t know to even ask! I think if we even spent an hour as artists watching our friends and colleagues just do their thing (Think like, the video game artist version of Jane Goodall and her chimps) that you would learn so much stuff you didn’t even think you needed to learn. I’m excited to put out more stuff like this. My first year as an educator have been extremely eye-opening and enjoyable, I hope this helps someone out there!


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