Self Portrait (digi double)

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After the Doctor Strange project,I decided to make Digi double version of me cuz you know I can easily get the references and so this is it.I am a young doodle artist from Myanmar. I’m really interested in characters and so start learning 3d stuff and you guys know the entire story right? And also you guys know the process.I sculpted in Zbrush, using texturing XYZ skin data for the details, textured the necessary maps in Mari, groomed in Xgen, and rendered in Arnold Maya. The look dev accessories are from the CAVE academy and HDRIs are from poly haven. Actually, I was making this project for the Rookie contest but passed the deadline and so maybe next year. For now, I would like to focus on hard surface modeling and so this is the last portrait for this year .,, See you soon guys…I hope you guys may like this.

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Gwen, the Hallowed Seamstress

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