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Moana Island Scene for Download

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Moana Island Scene for Download Moana Island Moana Island,Download

A large and highly detailed volumetric cloud data set, intended to be used for various purposes, including movie and game production as well as research. The entire data set is available in the “cloud” package


Moana Island Scene for Download Moana Island Moana Island,Download


This data set contains everything necessary to render a version of the Motunui island featured in the 2016 film “Moana”. The scene is chosen to represent some of the challenges we currently encounter in a typical production environment. Most notably it includes large amounts of geometry created through instancing as well as complex volumetric light transport. There are many other challenges which are frequently encountered in production rendering and which are not represented in this scene (examples include motion blur and a large number of light sources to name just two). Still, we hope that this will be a useful dataset for developing, testing and benchmarking new rendering algorithms.

The entire data set is broken into three packages :

The raw data necessary to render just one frame is available in the “Base” package. [45 GB download / 93 GB unpacked]
The additional animation data necessary to render the entire shot is available in the “Animation” package. [24 GB download / 131 GB unpacked]
A translation of our data into a format that can be used by pbrt is available in the “PBRT” package. This can also be generated from the “Base” package. [6 GB download / 41 GB unpacked]



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