Brad Pitt “Fury” 2014 likeness

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Brad Pitt (Fury) 2014 likeness is the result I was able to come up with, during the course at @cgmasteracademy |”Character Creation for Films and Cinematics”. I was very undecided before starting the course, because it’s very intense, but in my opinion, it’s the best course I’ve ever taken. Special thanks to @zippzopp for all the suggestions and feedback he gave me during the development of this Character. The likeness has been very difficult to deal with, also because time has never been on my side, but in the first 5 weeks I managed to bring a decent result and I’m happy with this, I found a way to improve my workflow and I’m sure to be improved in many other aspect.

Likeness sculpted in zbrush starting from a sphere, then wrapped on a Vface and combining it with other xyz textures. Clothing base from Marvelous and all the rest modeled between maya and zbrush. Textures done in Substance Painter.

Was a great challenge, I hope you like it!

You can find many other renders on my artstation link in bio.

Happy 3D everyone and happy new year!


-artstation link for many other renders https://www.artstation.com/artwork/nEA6z6

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