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SP 40+ procedural Mask Pack _ Kenn Edwards

SP 40+ procedural Mask Pack _ Kenn Edwards procedural Mask Pack procedural Mask Pack,Kenn Edwards,SP 40

I’ve been working and trying to figure how I could replicate substance’s procedural mask which I use every time while working in the software. I feel like I got close enough and felt I would share it along with my custom procedural mask generator.

GRAB IT HERE : https://gum.co/WRTU and http://cbr.sh/m31ck1
This pack includes:

40+ Procedural Mask

5+ Smart materials

3 Smart Mask

1 Custom Procedural Mask Generator

Small Tutorial – (Procedurals/Custom maker)

Step 1. Drag procedurals to project set to procedurals

Step 2. Drag Any BnW Image to the custom input and customize to your liking.

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