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MARI Extension Pack 4 _ By Jens Kafitz


MARI Extension Pack 4 _ By Jens Kafitz MARI Extension Pack 4 MARI Extension Pack 4,Jens Kafitz


About MARI Extension Pack

MARI Extension Pack 4 is the fourth installment of the industry standard Plugin for MARI by the Foundry.

Key Features include:

  • 200+ Feature Additions and Improvements
  • Dozens of Procedural and Adjustment Layers
  • Workflow enhancements for managing layers, channels and projects
  • Nodegraph Improvements
  • Procedural Edge Wear
  • Material Tools
  • Complete Online Help (optionally offline) & Tutorials
  • Commercial Use on single or unlimited MARI seats

Digital Products are non-refundable


Extension Pack 4 Highlights

Click here for full release notes

  • 50 new features, hundreds of small Improvements
  • Packed Channel creation
  • Texture Exporter with Presets, Quick Export Feature and more
  • Radio Nodes and Radio Transmitters, say goodbye to Nodegaph Spaghetti !
  • Nodegraph Bookmarks
  • Duplicate with Connection, Upstream Node Selection and other Nodegraph enhancements.
  • Symmetrical Painting/Projecting
  • Image Arrays, one Material in one Node
  • alLayerFloat/Color inspired MultiMixers
  • 3D Texture Scattering support
  • Decals with interactive Texture Placement directly in the viewport.
  • Height Based Material Blending
  • Selection Group Management
  • Copy and Pasting of Layers with all Sharing intact
  • Color Jittering, Gradient Mapping, Specular Tools and other Adjustments.
  • UI and UX improvements
  • and many more


Mari Extension Pack 4R1

  • requires Mari 3.2v1, Mari 3.3v1 or Mari 3.4v1 to work.
  • You gain access to legacy Extension Pack Versions that support earlier Mari Versions.
  • Mari INDIE and NON-COMMERCIAL are not supported regardless of Version.

Mari Extension Pack 4R2 (Beta)

  • Mari 4.1 is supported by Extension Pack 4R2, which is currently in Beta.
  • By purchasing Extension Pack 4R1 you can also download the Beta of 4R2

Attention Linux Users: 

Due to a bug in Mari 4.1, Extension Pack 4R2 Beta currently does not work with Mari 4.1 on Linux. This will hopefully be fixed either by me or the foundry shortly

Upgrading from Extension Pack 3

Existing customers of MARI Extension Pack 3 are eligible for a 65% discount and should have received an Upgrade Email after Release.

If you are missing or can’t find your Upgrade Email please contact me with your registered Email Address and Name.


Please refer to the help files for installation help.

Known Issues

Due to a bug in Mari 4.1, Extension Pack 4R2 Beta currently does not work with Mari 4.1 on Linux. This will hopefully be fixed either by me or the foundry shortly

If you come across a bug please let me know.

Get in touch & Stay Informed




Who uses it ?

MARI Extension Pack Customers include:

Weta Digital, Industrial Light & Magic, Framestore, Double Negative, MPC, Cinesite, Tippet, Rising Sun, Image Engine, Sony,  Animal Logic, Iloura, Pixar, Dreamworks, EA, Ubisoft, Activison, Blizzard, Microsoft, National Geographic, Digic Pictures, Gnomon School of Visual Effects and many more



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