Halo : Spartan Project

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Halo : Spartan Project – FAN ART

Hello everyone! Me and my friend Riccardo Di Palma ( https://www.artstation.com/palmiur ) wanted to share with you this project we have been working on in the recent months. We are HUGE fans of the Halo saga, created by Bungie (and now carried on by 343 Industries) and we wanted to recreate a Spartan based on the classic armors you see in video games or TV series. It was really challenging to get this job done because we wanted to give it a hyper-realistic feel without it looking too much like a video game. Riccardo modeled the entire armor while I took care of the textures, lighting, rendering and final compositing. After a careful reference research to understand what were the colors and materials to use, I created the textures i needed in Substance Designer and applied everything in Substance Painter, with lots of hand paint on the armor parts. After that I did the lighting process and rendered everything with Redshift with a post Comp in Photoshop.


Hope you like it!

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