GameReady Character – WIP

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Hello. This is another character that I create in my free time. I want to create a fully game-ready character with rigging skinning and some basic animations. Now I have only made a head mesh and hairstyle with plates that I baked in Maya. To detail the skin, I used texturingXYZ. I had to tinker a little to fix some bugs after the project. Also for texturing, I used texturingXYZ with subsequent refinement. The next step is the cloth. The basic mesh was made in marvelous designer, and then I will detail it in Zbrush. There are many additional things that I have to do, such as a weapon, a stick, a scabbard with a belt and so on. I hope I can handle this quickly.


There is a more pics in the links below:




Thanks for watching. I hope you enjoy it!)

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Cinematic character
Kara Valkyrie

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