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Gaia – The way out of your roots can be so hard sometimes, it feels like we can’t move away from that because in the end it’s your root, it’s your foundation, it’s part of you, but we need to grow we need to feel the sun, we need more light, these are things we can’t have completely until we start to release ourselves from our roots, and when we start doing that it will be such a difficult process, these roots start pulling you back to take your energy for themselves, but we need to be stronger than that, we need to fly away from that and when we do that we can be free to be ourselves without the roots that take our energy, without the earth that ties us to the ground, we are free to be the only ones we can be, ourselves…

more renders in my artstation : https://www.artstation.com/rod_o_rod/albums/all

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Buzz Lightyear

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