Barbarian Character Realtime

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Hello everyone!

Finally done after 4 months of work. Took me a while to get the results that I wanted because I kept on interate until I was basically satisfied. Most of the time is spent exploring different techniques. This is the first real time character I have ever made. It has around 135K tris. All textures are 4K. Fully PBR.


At first I wanted to make a barbarian from Diablo or warcraft series where they had big armored shoulder pads and girdles with skulls on them. Then I thought why not make it more realistic. You could really tell the strong influence in the design itself is Kratos from god of war and basically some parts are from Assassin’s Creed Valhalla’s Eivor. I have also watched the movie The Northman (which was awesome by the way for those who have not watched it yet) for more references. A lot of time spent surfing the internet, looking for references and not just for the character design but also for the clothing, skin materials, eyes, face shape etc. 


Started with sculpting in Blender for the base body and then it went over to zbrush for the smaller details which zbrush handles better especially after it reaches millions of polygon. Retopo was done using Maya quad draw. I used Advanced Skeleton 5 to rig which was also done in Maya. All texturing was done in Adobe Substance 3D painter.


For the hair, i used XGEN to create the texture and also the hair cards. This was the most difficult part. Took me many tries.


Everything is then transferred to Marmoset Toolbag 4 with the character smoothed and also ray tracing is turned on for the beauty shots. 


Do check out artstation if you want to see more

Hope you guys like it!

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